Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Ahoy. Brief and to the point here before I jaunt off to the pub for the final matches.

We had a blast with Soccer Saturday yesterday. Always fun talking football, isn't it? And I promise, we don't really hate Tottenham as much as we let on.

What a great day for football yesterday was, eh? We started out with the show in the AM, which also featured, in addition to a string of factual inaccuracies, a great segment with ESPN Deportes lead Raul Saenz. A mid-morning respite with no English league matches. The hammer came at 2pm with those unreal crackers from Spain. I mean, did YOU SEE XAVI'S PASS TO BOJAN! We were screaming at the television in utter delight.

So, listen in here for the Match Pricks and Raul Saez segments yesterday.

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