Monday, July 28, 2008

Keane to Liverpool for £19 million; Spurs pissed

The Robbie Keane signing today was expected for some time, but the headscratcher is Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy calling it an "enforced sale" while also refusing to officially register a complaint with the Premier League. Instead, there's this peace deal in the process:

"... Spurs have agreed not to pursue their official complaint to the Premier League regarding the transfer, and in particular comments made by the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez, after Liverpool acknowledged that the comments were inappropriate and agreed to make a donation to the club's main charity, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation."

Sure, yeah, whatever you say, Danny. We'll send over some kits, boots and £50,000 to help that disadvantaged youth charity you guys have. Got it. Yeah, we'll have a private plane down to pick up Robbie at 6 o'clock. Hey, nice doing business with you.

Levy should see that an attempt at an "enforced sale" was made when Liverpool and Gareth Barry started making out in a public park – after inviting Sky down to get some great footage of the hot action – in hopes of driving Gareth's old lady O'Neill into a jealous rage that would produce a breakup. Martin O'Neill held firm, and then Liverpool, that ol' scamp, looked over at Robbie Keane. It's a messy little affair, yeah, but Keane is an upgrade on where things stand at Anfield now, and Liverpool overpaid for him. It'll be interesting to see what can happen with him and Torres up front – Lord knows how Rafa might play him, though – and Levy would be better off saving his sanctimonious excuses for the next time Spurs fail to take even a point from Arsenal.

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