Tuesday, July 29, 2008

van Persie's Strike Rate

Seriously. Say what you will, but a healthy Robin van Persie is as good as a new signing. A massive new signing.

For one, he's arguably the only true set-piece threat the Gunners have at the moment. And next? Check out the article from Arsenal.com today ... A strike rate of 22 goals over 45 games in the last two injury-plagued seasons.

He can score from anywhere, generally with a pulsing ferocity on his shots. Worringly though, so much hinges on the "what if" this season. Much like last year. It's maddening really.

Someone said to me recently, while I was off to watch a match, "have fun!" I replied simply, "fun? It's not fun, the last thing it is is fun. It's not even fun when they win. At that point it's just a relief. It's only fun if they win a championship. Otherwise it's just desperate."

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Jim said...

Dear God, Colin, please stop with the van Persie stuff. You're like a Cubs fan early this decade pining for the return of Mark Prior. It's just never going to happen with this guy. Please, please ... for Eduardo's sake.