Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back at the the JJB

In a somewhat ironic turn, Liverpool's improbable-title-chase flash of a season reaches its likely end tonight at the site of one of its lowest points: the JJB Stadium in Wigan. Ironic because – as this oft-linked-to hateful diatribe of filth and bile shows – it was in Wigan in late January where Liverpool recorded one of their devestating draws – a 1-1 finish thanks to Lucas gifting the Latics a late penalty.

Now, United travels to Wigan with the League there to be wrapped up. Sure, there's mathematics involved, even with a United victory, that would require Jintao to steer his charges to somehow take one point from two remaining matches (home against Arsenal and away to Hull), but let's not kid ourselves. It's much more likely than not that United will beat Wigan today something like 2-0 or 3-0, and then they'll be geeked up Saturday for the title clinching point(s) at home against Arsenal, a side – with all due respect to Colin – isn't exactly in the perfect competitive mind-set for a late-season away match against United. If Arsenal somehow wins, then United would need a draw at Hull on the final day.

Like I said, I'm not ordering any champagne in case of an improbable pair of Liverpool-favoring results this weekend. Sure, I'm hoping – maybe even talking myself into – Wigan pouring out 90 minutes of desperate, last-ditch defending and then sneaking one at the end to win 1-0. Yeah, I'll give you that I'm actually hoping for that. I'm hoping I win the $109 million Powerball draw tonight, too. Hope is a wonderful thing, but at a certain point ...

This has been a downbeat post, but only because the end of the season is just about here, and I don't want it to end. It's been an outstanding Liverpool campaign. We got 4-1 out of it, and if nothing else, that would be incredible. But there's been so much more to get juiced up about. I'll write more about 2008-09 soon, but for now, there's just the JJB, United and the (likely) end of a dream – for this year. Really want to not have to add that part after the dash one of these days.

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