Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A must read for today

First off, scroll on down for some thoughts from Jim reflecting on Wigan's role in the title chase, my mental breakdown and some telling video of bronze boy Ronaldo.

This article, in the Daily Mail today, is a must read on the Adebayor situation. I couldn't have put it any better myself. Well done to Neil Ashton for saying what so many are thinking at the moment. 

Adebayor must go.

For one, he's not all that good. A great season a year ago, a less than mediocre season this year. And he's clearly not as good as he thinks he is. He's got this sickening air of entitlement, doesn't he? His performances have been less and less interested as the calendar days tick off. Look at the case of Nicholas Bendtner. Here's a guy who is level with Van Persie in team goals and could easily have a dozen more if not for misfires that have plagued him through the season. With Adebayor, we struggle to see where the goals might have come from, don't we? Arsene has said that Nico will get there, that he's a young striker who will come good and that you can tell from simply watching him ... All he needs are the goals ... a line we keep hearing. I don't think, and I can't believe, that is the case for Adebayor. In fact, his selfish play flies in the face of team tactics and has destroyed the team concept. 

Even greater than that are the poisonous comments he rattles off before and after each match. Complaints about losing so many big players ... waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Really? Alexander Hleb was a player most of us would've driven to the airport ourselves (credit to Match Pricks reader Ian for that nice line). Mathieu Flamini? Yeah, he was good but not world class by any stretch. Gilberto? Steady, solid and valuable ... also old. I'm not turning my back on these guys, I'm being realistic. Hleb can barely get a game at Barcelona, by the way. And he was barely with us three years in the end.

Adebayor is a player who doesn't understand the commitment necessary. He doesn't understand the level he has attained at and what is expected. In fact, his understanding of the level he has attained is not in-line with reality. He seems to believe (listen to the audio clip in the article) that he is simply a mercinary at this point - as are all players who have reached that top level. He believes, it seems, they are simply there for the money, that there is no altruistic value in continuing to play for and represent a club. These are football clubs with supporters who expect you to care about the club. These are not, as much as Chelsea and Manchester United would have you believe, corporations. Could you imagine a player like Adebayor surviving at Liverpool?

So yeah, read that article up there. He says exactly what I've been thinking. I've been embarrassed that Adebayor has taken the field for the Arsenal lately. With a mind like his, he doesn't deserve to be in this team. 

Oh, and one more thing Ade ... there's not a chance in hell you're on the same level as Thierry Henry. 

If he comes out on Saturday against Manchester United, I will be sorely disappointed. Jim put it right down below when he commented that Arsenal are not in the right frame of mind to come out at Old Trafford. Emmanuel Adebayor is a major reason why.

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Arsenal4ever said...

It's understandable you want Adebayor out. A big part of me wants him gone too. But I think the danger with getting rid of Adebayor is that we will lose our main aerial option up front... we're small enough as it is and from set pieces we are time and time again being exposed.

Wenger needs to focus on sorting out the midfield and finding an anchorman that can do the job Mascherano does for Liverpool or the job Essien does for Chelsea. Preferably, someone with height - but that shouldn't be a prerequisite.

Again, losing Adebayor... he would need to be replaced. At the moment, when we lose players - Wenger doesn't seem to keen on replacing them. Also, if Adebayor leaves, it could spark a mini exodus like last season when Flamini left. We need to seriously add to the squad, not lose anyone.