Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here's the thing Part II

The Sun, fanning the flames as ever, brands Eduardo a diver.

Allow me to chime in with a point of semantics. Eduardo dived. He is not a diver. Branding him a diver implies a habitual occurrence, that he has dived before, is diving currently and will dive again - pending, ahem, rehabilitation from his habit, at which point he will become someone who has dived.

Yes, I recognize I'm drawing a line in the level of degree here and marking diving, until done habitually, as something that happens to someone ... like being possessed. You plagiarize, you are a plagiarist. You kill, you are a murder. You lie, you are a liar. You steal, you are a thief. Ten Commandment stuff (plagiarism should have been up there instead of 'coveting thy neighbor' #missedopportunities). Diving? No, not Ten Commandment stuff. Unless ... say it with me now ... it becomes habitual. Savvy?

Arsene's quotes in the article are more pragmatic (some may say delusional, I'll stick with pragmatic). He doesn't deal in absolutes and understands that there are complexities to all matters.

Whatever ... I'm going to bed. And as I do so I'll be thinking about this ... and Saturday.

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