Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome Alberto Aquilani (and others)!

The Liverpool half of Match Pricks here would like to wholeheartedly embrace new playmaking midfielder Alberto Aquilani at Anfield. Don't worry, you're only replacing Xabi Alonso, The Director. Or as I called him, my favorite Liverpool player by a mile.

In all serisousness, though, I'm going to give you some time to settle in before I make any judgments about how good you are. Good luck, buddy. We need and want you to play well.

Also, Match Pricks wishes a courteous hello to Michela Quattrociocche, Aquilani's squeeze:

I guess they handle driver's license photos a bit differently in Italy.

(UPDATE: I might have welcomed Aquilani and his girlfriend too soon. The scuttlebutt in Liverpool is that there's a problem with his medical. Well, we'll see, I guess. Not sure what happens if he fails the medical. Silva? Probably their best bet. Updates coming, although I'm sure if something's wrong, it'll be all over the Web shortly.)

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