Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everyone loves a good juggling video!

There are probably as many juggling videos on the Internet as there are adjectives describing Leo Messi this weekend. Today, I'm focusing on one in particular.

After today's Soccer Saturday radio show (based in Milwaukee on ESPN Radio Milwaukee 540 am and I wanted to take a second to follow-up and share this video.

It features USA under-20 women's national team members, Tobin Heath and Casey Nogueira. Casey was a call-in guest on this morning's show as she is getting ready to embark on her rookie season with the Women's Professional Soccer league's Chicago Red Stars. Now, I need to editorialize a little here ...

The WPS is where it's at. And more specifically, the Chicago Red Stars are where it's at. They are seriously legit and the women plying their trade deserve your attention. I'm aiming to share a few blogs here and there on the Red Stars this season.

I was lucky enough to head to Chicago's Toyota Park to see two of their matches last season and couldn't have been more impressed ... nor could I have had more fun. With the possible exception of their inaugural season opener when it was about 40 degrees and the sleeting was coming at me sideways. And I absent mindedly wore shorts. But that's beside the point. I'm a big of that team, their approach to football, their technique, their hard work and the desire they show out on the pitch.

Without further delay ... enjoy Casey and Tobin here with the juggling video they discussed on Soccer Saturday this morning. (I'd embed but the coding is turned off, just follow the link.)

And for giggles ... here's the other video they discussed, Casey showing her Michael Jackson dance moves. Match Pricks stand for nothing at all under the great blue sky if we don't stand for a universal love of Michael Jackson (just ask anyone in Milwaukee how many times we jammed "Pretty Young Thing (P.Y.T.)" and "Human Nature" last summer).

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