Sunday, April 4, 2010

Translation difficulties

Match Pricks has a communication line plugged directly into the heart of Liverpool. Jim, obviously, is the beating heart of Liverpool support for our endeavor. It's been an interesting campaign for him. Duplicitous, I'm sure, isn't targeted well enough to describe it. More likely aggrieved acknowledgement.

In our corner of the world, one of our dearest friends is from Liverpool. His family, an extension of our own, lives smack dab in the middle of the place. We often hear tales of the Anfield roar, heard from their living room - if they're not at the match, that is. With that in mind, we get this enjoyable little ditty from 'back home.' Enjoyable as it was, I wanted to share with you.

A message from Ian's dad, Les, in Liverpool... This was on Sky Sports on Thursday night, I switched over at half time in the Liverpool game and saw this, the red banner at the bottom of the screen was reporting on the Fulham game. Is this typical of American footballers?

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Just wide. Glad it didn't hit the bar.