Friday, March 19, 2010


Might as well go ahead and get this up here so we can find it easily ... at least until it's taken down. Hopefully it'll last.

Fulham with an absolutely incredible performance against Juventus on Thursday. To progress to the next round of the Europa Cup. Champions League light it may be, but there's still some damn good football on display. Ignore it, and you're missing out.

Case in point, Clint Dempsey, feared out for much longer after an injury, came back, came on the pitch as a substitute and scored a stunningly brilliant goal. As Ray Hudson, a long-time favourite of Match Pricks, said (quoted quite neatly at new favourite Must Read Soccer), it was a carefully considered strike. Watch it. Enjoy it. Watch it again. Send it to someone who knows nothing about football. Send it to someone who calls it soccer. Send it to someone who doesn't like the game.

And most of all, dig it.

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