Monday, March 8, 2010

Ramble on

We like Zeppelin at Match Pricks. A lot. I mean really, there's not much better than a good face melting with some Led Zeppelin. All the better when there's actually a kick ass Zeppelin tribute band that plays every couple of months and obliges us with a good old fashioned face melting.

But that's beside the point.

As you may have seen, Jim and I had the honor of joining the new Soccer Saturday radio show from ESPN Radio in Milwaukee. They even let us talk. We each took a few more hacks at a topic that is well worn over at this point. I promise, we're moving on now ... really.

Here's the link to the podcast. Give it a listen. You'll hear yours truly, Jim and host Matt Salmon. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. We're definitely looking forward to more in the future. More importantly, listen to the other segments. Of note, the show is brought to you by the Milwaukee Wave. If you're unfamiliar, the Wave is an indoor soccer team and we are proud to say that they are the longest running professional soccer team in the United States. I'll be honest, that's a statistic I wasn't aware of before this weekend's show. See? Listen to the rest and you'll get all sorts of little nuggets.

It's wonderful people working hard to make football (soccer, in this case, I guess) work in Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin and across the country.

Cheers for now!

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