Thursday, March 18, 2010

Soccer Saturday Podcast


Hopefully you enjoyed the debut of ESPN Radio's Soccer Saturday two weeks ago. We had a blast and are markedly proud to have been a part of the first locally produced soccer radio show in Milwaukee. While the show has a local focus, it indeed carries interest across the country. Grassroots, folks. It really is great stuff and it comes from the people who are planting and watering the seeds of the game in the very villages and cities where we all grew up and now live.

Soccer Saturday also features a "Soccer Around the World" segment. That's where we come in. Last week featured longtime Milwaukee Wave player and one-time Chelsea trainee, Michael King. Jim and I will be back in action again this Saturday.

Of course, we'll be on-air just 24 hours after the draw for the quarter-finals in the Champions League so you can imagine the main thrust of our conversation. Beyond that, of particular interest for us at the very moment, Liverpool just found their way into the Europa Cup quarter-finals and have their hungry eyes focused on Sunday's match against Manchester United. Don't need to tell you that one is always special. Also, Arsenal host West Ham at 12:30 p.m. local time on Saturday and they'll all be eager to hear how the Champions League draw turns out. That's an understatement.

Here's the link to last weekend's show. Listen in and hopefully those of you who are based with us in Milwaukee will help continue to spread the word to fuel the efforts of all of those people working to grow the game.

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