Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A brief comment

This one files directly under, "If it takes more than one tweet, it's a blog."

For starters, if you're not on Twitter fix it. Get aboard. It's like a vineyard of football writers. You just walk along and pluck away to taste what you like. I've recently started following a certain @PhilippeAuclair. Full disclosure: I know very little about who this person is. But I have been enjoying his observations on the football. In particular, this little diddy from just a short while ago ...

Jose: "I'm happy with our happiness, not their unhappiness". A classy performance all round from Inter and their maestro.

This is just so nice to see and really falls in line with something I've been thinking for quite some time. 

Why do people feel the need to express a win as something that makes you better than someone else? Or rather, why would you use a win to exert some divine right, or a higher status ... like a right of way? You win a game, your team is better at the game. Your team gets to celebrate the win. But it doesn't mean your team is the light, the savior or simply ... the right team. It doesn't mean the other team is wrong and that those who support that team are lesser beings who deserve to be disrespected. It doesn't mean those people have opted to be unhappy. It doesn't mean those people are wrong.

As Jose said when he wrapped his comments, "That's life."

There's a deeper thought in here that I've been munching on but that must be saved for another time.

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