Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's closer than you think: 2009-10 Premier League fixture list announced

Fresh from the head office, here's some highlights of the 2009-10 fixture list. Brief analysis shortly.

First up, the 2009-10 editions of The Match Pricks Derby:
– 12 Dec. Liverpool v. Arsenal
– 9 Feb. Arsenal v. Liverpool

Now, for the meetings with Jintao:
– Liverpool v. United, 24 Oct.
– United v. Liverpool, 20 March
– United v. Arsenal, 29 Aug. (nice and early, kiddies!)
– Arsenal v. United, 30 Jan.

Opening weekend, 15 Aug:
– Spurs v. Liverpool
– Everton v. Arsenal
– United v. Birmingham City

Again, we'll take a deeper look in a few minutes. This is just a taste of our beloved sides (plus Jintao; always keeping one eye on that bastard).

Stay tuned ...

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Kuba said...

August can not come soon enough..