Thursday, June 11, 2009

'This is the best squad I've ever had' Watch: Ronaldo

You've heard about it, obviously. Here's a money detail:

Ronaldo, currently on holiday in Los Angeles, also confirmed that a doctor from Madrid had examined the groin injury that has been troubling him. "Every­one wants to see and test your product or future product," he explained. "It does not require an operation."

Ronaldo refers to himself as a "product" and, naturally, is on holiday in Los Angeles. I so, so badly want to see him courtside at a Lakers game in the Finals if it goes back to L.A. That didn't happen already, did it? I missed the first two games.

The "best squad" he's ever had. Remember that statement?


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Carl said...

Viva Ronaldo! ooh he had to gooo! To Real Madrid! The Highest Bid! Galactico! HE's still a ho! Viva Ronaldo!