Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Poles and the Germans

In Milwaukee, it's impossible to be a lover of the football and someone who doesn't care for or appreciate the Polish. I (Colin) quite often feel like the only person in Milwaukee who isn't of Polish descent.

So, in short, our good friend, Kuba, from Poland and firmly entrenched in America, tells me tonight, as we're watching the 2006 World Cup highlights DVD (under the influence though we may be) that Michael Ballack ....

"Was born 13 kilometers from the Polish border..."

"That's all I know so far ... that's all the media has given me."


Brook said...

Yeah, but that border has changed 8 jillion times in the past 200 years so technically Ballack MIGHT have been born in what was once Poland!
- Flounder

Colin said...

That's exactly the point!