Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You oughta be in pictures

Thankfully he is. This fellow deserves so much more than the world is prepared to give him right now. Never mind the irony of the other supporters calling for a Fit and Proper Test for whomever it is that actually lays claim to Portsmouth Football Club at the moment.

I've always tended to try to evade the business side of the game, instead focusing on the results and the joy and all that. But dios mios, the face on this poor fellow (actually surprised I don't know his name, shouldn't I know his name?).

There's a wide soft spot in my heart for Portsmouth. Only slightly because they extended the careers of Lauren and Kanu, both ex-of Arsenal with the former being a personal favourite. Beyond that, I mean have you watched a game (albeit on the television) at Fratton Park!? You almost want to reach out and pinch its cheeks. And I do have one great memory of that place that just bubbles up the respect whenever I think of it. Arsenal were playing Pompey in the FA Cup. I want to say it was the 5th Round, about 8 years ago. Arsenal were very much in their full pomp and led 5-nil at the start of the second half (as memory serves). Those supporters, bless their gigantic hearts, banged their drums, jangled their bells and sang the theme from The Great Escape (this video will give you a small idea of what I'm talking about if you don't follow) through the entire 45 minutes of the second half. I particularly remember the way the Arsenal players hung back after the whistle to applaud not only their own traveling supporters but the home Portsmouth supporters who put in such an incredible display to embrace, enjoy and exalt football for all of its beauty, joy, flaws and heartbreak. It warmed the heart and was just such a wonderful glimpse into the soul of The Football Supporter. No hubris here, folks. Just people who love football.

Would someone please get this supporter a respectable man or woman to buy his football club?

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Fredorrarci said...

(actually surprised I don't know his name, shouldn't I know his name?)

He is, very literally, Portsmouth Football Club.