Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We interrupt this radio silence

Who would have thought?

I've been silent here for more than a month. It's bothered me, but then again, so has football. So has covering every inch of football. So has covering every inch of the covering of football (are you with me on that one?).

Don't get me wrong. I am in love with Arsenal's start to the year. It makes me giggle. There's a lot to be happy and proud of. To get into what has driven me to a certain level of disgust over the last several weeks will take a long time. And frankly, it's old news. No one cares. Reactionary press, managers who deserve to be dropped in the wild somewhere ... I'm a pacifist, I won't directly contribute to the violence that should be bestowed on them. Indirectly? Hey, it's not on me.

Yet who would have thought the one instance that made me stir enough to put a quarter back in the Match Pricks machine came from a comment on an article on the Internet of all places. I mean, those are generally reserved for the leeches, the bottom-feeders of society, aren't they? Not this one. Take note ... and here's the article. Yeah, sure you play to win the games. You play to eventually haul in a trophy. You play to succeed. But, aren't there levels, or degrees of success? It is, after all, a venture there to uncover happiness and joy, isn't it? As treacherous as the path may be ....

lja Albrecht wrote:
Trophies and silverware are for people who need something to waggle in front of other people's faces, be it a t work or in the boardroom.

To declare this the single goal for a club is one of the best explanations for the sad state football is in today: A reckless money-game that will one day culminate in a football-version of the the credit-crunch.
Arsenal are playing the game in all its beauty and, supported by a vast majority of their fans, have the patience to wait until their time has come - winning it with sheer talent and craftsmanship rather than buying titles like most of the others do these days. To achieve this and at the same time manage the club into financial soundness is a masterpiece. Anyone who doesn't see this either has no idea about the game or abuses it for personal/business reasons.