Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He just can't get enough

Here he is, ol' Crouchy (long-running joke wherein I insist athletes who are called, affectionately, "Crouchy or the like, are actually called "Croucher" is inappropriate in this instance, though I'll stick to my guns on it in any other situation) ...

Ol' Crouchy wants that striker position for South Africa next summer. It's probably the thing he's wanted most in his professional life. The whip-cracking manager Fabio Capello is deadset on getting the team in his image. They'll behave. They'll train. They'll do things his way, dammit. They'll even ... ready for it? ... respect the team.

It's working for them so far. No one would argue that the England team are wholly unrecognizable from the one under Steve McClaren.

Still ... There's ol' Crouchy ... Sure he's training. Sure he wants in. But we are what we are, aren't we? And Crouchy ... That man needs to dance. Regardless of what he may insist. What's that they say, after all, about men over 6' 5"? I don't know either, but they must say something.