Monday, September 22, 2008

A few start of the week thoughts ...

-Newcastle + Nigerian Consortium willing to buy from owner Mike Ashley x Protesting Geordies = Something that just doesn't sound like it's going to end well

-It's shocking how young the team could be that Arsene Wenger sends out against Sheffield United on Tuesday in the Carling Cup. What's even more shocking is that, potentially, they could look very good.

-After some of the results that Arsenal have put up with over the last couple of years (a few Champions League ventures come to mind), I feel a bit of the ol' discomfort for Liverpool's result against Stoke on Saturday. And I'll note that I wish no ill will toward the Kop. Naught but respect for them.

-Just within the last second I've heard that ol' Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink fancies himself a manager and would like to give it a go. Upon retiring he's said, "Every beautiful thing must come to an end." What a statement. I'm going start using that, often. Really often. Like, really, really often. Honestly, I love that guy. He's always cracked me up. From the matches I've seen him play over the years, as great of a goalscorer as he was (129 Premier League goals), he was also about as selfish in his behavior and nose for goal as I've ever seen.

-Hey, waddya know, Zico won't be replacing Kevin Keegan at Newcastle. Ok, then, there's that. Thanks for the update. What about me? Do I have a shot? I can't defend worth a like so I'd slot in quite well.

-I have a strong distaste for World Cup mascots.

-Hull have signed Stelios. (note how I avoided spelling his last name there?) Of course they have. Just in time for him to line up against Arsenal at the weekend. Super.

-I reckon I'll save my thoughts on Manchester United and Chelsea playing to a laugher of a draw for tomorrow. Vacation beckons for the rest of the week so that can sit as a nice send off for the end of September. 

-A simple thought to close ... Which is greater: the sum of Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole's IQs, or Hasselbaink's league goal total?

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