Sunday, September 28, 2008

This blogger's gone to Austin

Greetings from balmy Austin, Texas where I feel like I've been schvitzing for the last four days. I tried all summer to get a tan in Milwaukee, to no avail. If I can't get one in 100 degree temperatures whilst sitting in the sun in a park with no shade whatsoever, then there's just no hope for my French-Canadian, Irish and Swedish skin.

I've missed the football, and all of its news until just this morning when I stumbled across a hotel computer lounge. Found computer. Must read about the football. Must reconnect.

Cheers to the lads at the The Highbury Pub in Milwaukee for the updates on the match yesterday. But shame on you for jerking me around with the wonky idea of a 2-1 win for Hull, and at the Emirates as well. That's just a silly idea, isn't it? Sorry, indeed, to have missed the "Blogger Convention of 2008" at the pub.

As it is, I'm on holiday in Texas for the Austin City Limits music festival. Three days, eight stages, some 150 bands. But that's beside the point. As unconnected as I was from any of the football news yesterday, I still had to represent and fly the flag. There were a surprising number of Gooners in the crowd who appreciated my shiny new Samir Nasri kit (get fit, will you, Sammy?). Cheers to them. Cheers to the others I happened across, like the lad proudly wearing his t-shirt for Aberdeen's '83 European Cup t-shirt. A right old Scot in the depths of Texas. I can only imagine how his skin was taking the heat.

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Carl said...

A 2-1 loss to Hull makes me a sad Panda