Monday, September 15, 2008

Where's that saddle again?

I need to get back in it. How are the Match Pricks readers in Uganda and Malaysia, much less Leeds, going to feel if I abandon them so early. Chin up, though. We're back.

After nearly two weeks without the Internet, and more than one without club football, we are indeed, back.

And quite happy at that.

A 4-nil win in the heretofore tough to win at Ewood Park will put a grin on your face. The fluid football the Arsenal have displayed is even better. And hey, let's go ahead and take it one step further and sprinkle in some fantastically mature performances from Theo Walcott for club and country. And for the record, to say the lad is showing some kinks yet is ridiculous. Sure, he's 19 years old. Sure, we should show some patience. But let's be honest with ourselves. He's looked the part, and we all know how incredibly level-headed he is. In fact, I'm quite sure that he's giving Peter Crouch a run for his money in the ol' "Have you heard what a nice guy he is," table.

I've ratcheted up the happiness factor and now I'm going to turn the throttle up to Well-Now-I-Can't-Even-Believe-This ... Emmanuel Eboue has actually looked good in the last two matches.


Granted he had a reckless dive to win a penalty, but that's to be expected by now. He's moved well, he's moved the ball extremely well and he's even had a pop or two at the goal. Even the slightest contribution from Eboue at the moment is considerably more than I think any of us Gooners would have expected.

To close, a moment to pause in respect of the incredible cross that Denilson belted to Adebayor for Arsenal's second goal on Saturday.

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