Thursday, September 18, 2008

They hacked my e-mail ... and I love it!

At the urging of Colin, here's an e-mail from me to him earlier today, posted here verbatim and without edits or explanations:

"Here's how we beat Jintao: Get stuck in, put in a shift, keep up the lung-bursting runs and never say die until you take the full points and there's a pitch invasion where we celebrate with our supporters.

"In your face, Jintao!

"Dogg, I am still flying over the United match. Still flying high – way high up there. Last night, looking for the photos and YouTube videos for the blog post, man, it was like reliving it. Other than Istanbul, the Luis Garcia "ghost goal" to beat Chelsea in the CL semifinal in '05 and, maybe, the Gerrard goal to equalize against West Ham in the FA Cup, I don't think I've enjoyed a Liverpool match more. I mean, this is really incredible. To face off against United, without Gerrard or Torres (yeah, the didn't have Ronaldo; whatever), and come away from that with actual belief and hope ... words fail me.

"Sweet baby Jesus am I happy about this past week's developments."

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