Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Run-In: Getting way, way ahead of ourselves

Was looking up the fixture schedule for Liverpool to check on something for a friend, and I noticed this:

14 Mar, 2009 Manchester United
21 Mar, 2009 Aston Villa
04 Apr, 2009 Fulham
11 Apr, 2009 Blackburn Rovers
18 Apr, 2009 Arsenal
25 Apr, 2009 Hull City
02 May, 2009 Newcastle United
09 May, 2009 West Ham United
16 May, 2009 West Brom
24 May, 2009 Tottenham Hotspur

Now, the United match is away, and that will be a brutalizer for all involved. The Arsenal match is at Anfield, but anything against Arsenal, anywhere, is always tough. But look at the rest of that schedule. It's not listed here, but the Villa and Spurs matches are at Anfield. Newcastle, anywhere, doesn't look to be difficult. West Brom is away, but so what? West Ham is at Upton Park, so there might be a bobble there. Who knows? Again, this is really, really early, but that's not a bad slate for Liverpool's final 10 matches. In particular, look at those final five matches. I mean, c'mon ...

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