Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is it OK to be scared?

Yeah, I know, Match Pricks takes an entire week off, and then I bring it back for Liverpool v. United at Anfield with a wimpy post title and loads of nervousness.

I can't help it. No Gerrard or Torres (most likely), the team has looked like absolute shit and now Man U comes to Anfield on Saturday for the annual "Let's see if Liverpool has improved at all" match.

This sucks, man. As Colin has pointed out, there's very little actual joy to be had during some of these "experiences." It's just trying to survive. I am so bitterly sick of the United crowd down at the bar, their tired, repetitive songs that produce pounding in the head and slowly rising, hateful bile in the belly.

Liverpool has not scored in the league against United since Benitez took over.

That deserves its own paragraph because it's so stunning. Now, on Saturday, Liverpool looks to break that mark without Gerrard or Torres (most likely). I mean, if you're me, why would you go into the match with boundless optimism? Honestly, I'd take a score draw. It's sick, isn't it? My best-possible scenario is to see them draw 1-1. Just score a goal and take a point.

Oof. I'm going to be a mess Saturday morning. You've been warned.

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