Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Again, winning is agonizing ... innit?

As has been detailed in this space, a win isn't technically a win until it's in a cup final, is it? Otherwise, it's just a stay of the agony that plagues a football supporter. 

And to be quite honest, at the moment, in spite of a reportedly nice looking (I couldn't watch the match as I was chained to the desk and a series of meetings) and hard-fought match, I'm in utter agony. Arsenal started new boy Aaron Ramsey, a summer signing from Cardiff City, in case you've been living under a rock. They also started Denilson, who at 20 years old has made a whopping 23 appearances. 

So why, with a nil-2 win am I in agony? Because they started Aaron Ramsey and Denilson. If the Arsenal would have needed any kind of a switch, they're lining up a 16 year old. (!) Arsene needs to buy, and he needs to do it soon.

What's more, the central defense is just as thin at this point. So, while I've a head filled with hubris at the prospects for the coming year, I'm also in full recognition that the utter spine the Gunners are putting on display is both precocious and balanced on a precipitous edge. 

The approach I'm looking at for much of the season is that of a stay of execution. So, hold off, for now, executioner. Until, at the very least, after West Brom and the season opener.

Picks for the weekend forthcoming.

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