Friday, August 22, 2008

Colin's week 2 picks: What are they serving at Villa?

Marty O' Neill is going insane.

I like what he's doing with Aston Villa, it's nice to see. Really. In fact, Villa gave Arsenal one of the best halves of football all of last season. But clearly he fancies himself an alchemist if he wants to turn Ashley Young in 30 million pounds, or Gareth Barry in 20 million. Hell, he does bear quite the resemblance to another rather dastardly sorcerer.

Week two is upon us and this week it means it's Derby Day for some of us at The Highbury Pub. We welcome our clutch (I've decided today to use that as the word for a group of Fulham supporters, get used to it) of Fulham supporters. And we'll welcome them with open arms, if not an entirely hospitable approach on the pitch. The Ful-O-Meter (Fulham points needed for safety from relegation) will stay firmly rooted at 0 after tomorrow.

Right, on to the show.

Liverpool v. Boro: 2-0
Newcastle v. Bolton: 1-0
Stoke v. Villa: 0-3
Tots n' Ham v. Sunderland: 1-1
West Brom v. Everton: 2-1
Blackburn v. Hull: 3-1
Fulham v. Arsenal: 0-3
Wigan v. Chelski: 0-2
Man City v. West Ham: 0-1
Pompey v. Man United: 2-1

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Bryan said...

You suck at predicting soccer games, you cunt.