Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's just, uh ... let's just move on

With no broadcast here in the States, I endured Wednesday's CL qualifer against Standard Liege via the e-season ticket and the Guardian minute-by-minute report. By all indications, Liverpool's lucky not to be facing at least a 2-0 deficit heading into the second leg. Harrumph ... not good.

However, in a couple more days, there's a chance to settle things down a bit. They get to go see this guy:

Best part? He's not playing for Sunderland, just going to manage this one.

Weekly picks on deck ...

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Ian Smith said...

The best analogy I heard was that it was as if Liverpool went to see a movie. They thought they were going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but ended up seeing Rambo by mistake.
There isn't that much we can read into the game that we didn't already know. Liverpool's inability to deal with aerial balls into the box remains the biggest threat to their otherwise water tight defence. Liverpool lacked any bite across the middle of the park. Alonso is a world class midfielder (something Barry hasn't yet proved at the top level consistently) but needs time and protection in which to work his magic. Plessis was somewhat thrown in at the deep end (despite his stellar performance against Arsenal last term). the question is - could any team perform without their 'heart-beat' (Steve G) and their 'Spine' (Mascherano)The simple answer is 'No'. Come the second leg people will see the true Liverpool. It will be a completely different movie reference Standard Liege will be hoping to see at Anfield in a weeks’ It won't be 'Almost Famous" but instead 'Mission Impossible'