Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 1: Step right up (Jim's picks)

Play along in the comments to try and prove you're better than me. What? You think you're better than me?!

For added fun, play along according the rules listed here, here or you can also follow the rules laid out at this site.

OK, let's go. As always, for the American audience, remember the home side is listed first:

Arsenal v. West Brom: Arsenal 4-1
Bolton v. Stoke City: 0-0
Everton v. Blackburn: 1-1
Hull City v. Fulham: 1-1
Middlesbrough v. Tottenham: 2-3
West Ham v. Wigan: 2-2
Sunderland v. Liverpool: 1-2
Chelsea v. Portsmouth: 3-0
Aston Villa v. Manchester City: 2-0
Manchester United v. Newcastle: 2-0

1 comment:

Ian Smith said...

Arsenal v. West Brom: 3-0
(Insert premature title talk after convincing win)

Bolton v. Stoke City: 3-2
(Who cares right! both to be relegated in
the end - expect fireworks)

Everton v. Blackburn: 1-0
(Blackburn were only a top half team due to Friedel - will struggle)

Hull City v. Fulham: 1-2
(Fulham to win but it wont be easy... to watch)

Middlesbrough v. Tottenham: 1-2
(side bet - more Spurs fans at the game than Brough fans)

West Ham v. Wigan: 0-0
(first stalemate of the season as neither team have any firepower of aspiration)

Sunderland v. Liverpool: 0-2
(Tough game expect Liverpool to bounce back and Keane to open his account)

Chelsea v. Portsmouth: 3-0
(Pick of opening weekend -Chelsea just too strong expect James to make 20 saves)

Aston Villa v. Manchester City: 2-0
(City are a mess right now - What are the odds Barry scores and kisses his badge??)

Manchester United v. Newcastle: 2-0
(No Rooney, No Ronaldo, No Nani Newcastle still No chance