Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week 2: Early season Blues (Jim's picks)

Even if Chelsea wore pink and purple polka dots (which I heard is their 3rd kit for 09-10), the title of this post would remain the same as there was a mean funk to the midweek debate. Really, international friendlies: Is there anything more pointless?

Compound that with the resumption of boardroom melodrama at Anfield and me having to see Samir Nasri's pixie-ish visage every three steps I make on the Intertubes, and it's been a long week waiting for Saturday to come.

The most impressive Week 1 display was, of course, Chelsea. The least impressive in victory was Liverpool, sadly to say. The most gawdawful to watch was Spurs. OK, let's get on with it:

Blackburn 3 – Hull City 1: Hull strikes me as scrappy, so they'll score. They had extra grit on display against Fulham, but the Week 1 euphoria has passed. Santa Cruz and Co. will introduce them to a familiar feeling that will be around this season.

Liverpool 2 – Middlesbrough 0: Torres is good for at least one more, but I think Liverpool will struggle to keep working out the kinks. It's still enough for the Anfield opener.

Newcastle 2 – Bolton 1: Keegan has to be ecstatic with the Old Trafford draw. Gut says Newcastle gets a bright start in these first few weeks.

Stoke City 0 – Aston Villa 3: Gareth Barry will lead Villa to another good performance before Liverpool comes to Villa Park next week. That'll really be something.

Tottenham 1 – Sunderland 1: I'm picking a draw only because Spurs must gain something from opening the White Hart Lane schedule. I actually think they'll lose, but I can't pick that.

West Brom 0 – Everton 1: When the Toffees are in disarray, Moyes rallies the players. They have enough here.

Fulham 1 – Arsenal 3: Silvestre! I mean ... Silvestre! Wow! Anyway, lord love Peter Wilt. I know we all do, but it's Arsenal, man. Too much, too soon for the Cottagers.

Wigan 0 – Chelsea 3: Blues have something to prove early on. Plus, Big Phil is kind of a cagey bastard that I think really relishes some comfortable results here with the spotlight on him.

Manchester City 3 – West Ham 3: City is in shambles, so I see them conceding way more than should ever be acceptable. Should be another good day for Ashton.

Portsmouth 1 – Manchester United 1: This is more heart than head, but I feel bad for Pompey's start: away to Chelsea and then home to United. C'mon! That's unfair, but I'd like to think Crouchy gets on the sheet and early, premature "Doom for United" talk continues after this one.


Ian Smith said...

My Picks

Blackburn Vs Hull 2-0
(last week I underestimated both these sides. This time I am going for a home win. On a positive note Hull are a hand full of draws away from avoiding the worst premiership record already)

Liverpool Vs Middlesbrough 3-1
(The Anfied faithfull will not tollerate another poor performance and the players, and manager know that. Comfortable home win)

Stoke Vs Aston Villa 1-1
(On paper its Villa all the way, but this is Stoke's first home game.. upset on the cards? not quite)

Newcastle Vs Bolton 3-0
(Toon Army lifted by the performace against United will keep the ball rolling aginst a bad Bolton team)

Spurs Vs Sunderland 2-1
The only thing missing from Sunderlands opener was a goal threat - enter the Lord of Froggum
crazy hir cuts won't be enough

West Brom Vs Everton 0-1
Away win,as Everton are better than their first games performance. It will be a real slugfest Everton to win ugly.

Fulham Vs Arsenal 3-1
Arsenal to grind out another 3 points with a couple of goals in the last 10 mins.

Wigan Vs Chelsea 0-5
Chelsea to take full advantage of United without Ronaldo, racking up the points and the goal difference.

Pompy Vs ManUre 1-1
Rooney is back, but United are devoid of ideas without Ronaldo. Infact they look ordinary. Pompy to bounce back.

Manchester City Vs West Ham 1-1
(Another draw. City are all over the place at the momment and it will take them awhile to get over the hump).

Carl said...

my picks
Blackburn vs Hull 2-1
Hull have heart and good momentum, but blackburn have roque santa cruz

liverpool v boro 2-0
torres says it all

Stoke v villa 0-1

Newcastle v bolton 0-1
A bolton late winner

Spurs v sunderland 0-2
Roy keane takes no guff

WBA v Everton 0-2
ugly ugly win for them other guys from liverpool

Fulham v Arsenal 0-3
Ade and nasri show

Wigan v Cunting Cunts 0-3
I hate fucking chelsea

Pompey v Man u 2-1
Crouch is the nicest guy as he bags a brace

Man city v West ham 0-2
Ashton looks good right now