Monday, August 4, 2008

Jim: 'I don't like this'; Colin: 'Well, hold on a second ...'

Normally, I wouldn't presume to speak for Colin on all matters Arsenal, but the news that Xabi Alonso is headed for the Emirates once Wenger and Rafa can agree on a fair price strikes me as something he's going to welcome.

This Gareth Barry mess has driven everyone mad, but I had warmed to the idea of keeping Alonso at Anfield, if only to give Rafa several options should his "master plan" for this season – whatever that is – not unfold according to his vision. However, if Alonso must go, I'm a little worried that such an effective player with such creative passing talent from midfield will end up at Arsenal. The point, Rafa, is to make your own side better than your competitors in the league. I believe Alonso would be terrific at Arsenal, and if the cost of signing Barry – already too high at £18 million – also meant Xabi was shipped to play alongside Fabregas ... well, Gareth Barry better be damn good for Liverpool.

But Colin, you're the Arsenal supporter. What you say on this?

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