Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calling Rodney Dangerfield

Did you catch this?

Everyone has one: a mate who spends ages in front of the mirror before heading out on Friday evening, dousing himself in deodorant and preening like a wannabe Casanova despite the fact that it's obvious to all that he's not going to pull. He'll return home later that night, alone as always, and, ahem, get a grip of himself. His whole sorry routine is an unwitting tribute to Liverpool in the Premier League.

But this time it will be different! It really will!

Well, it might be.

This clipping comes from the Guardian's preview of a certain team. Any guesses as to who they're talking about here? It's the opening paragraph for team they're picking to reach 3rd in the Premier League this year. Interesting, since this has the Guardian slotting them in ahead of Arsenal.

It's Liverpool.

Really? Sure we can assume the Gunners will be weak defensively, but that's a fairly brazen pick, I'd reckon, to put this Liverpool side ahead of Arsenal. And sure Liverpool haven't won the league since, well, no sense in reminding them ... I'm not into rubbing it in (all that often at least ... I generally believe in a level of Karma when it comes to trash talk), but still, they do make a good showing of themselves and I hardly believe they've dropped to the level of mockery suggested in this intro to the Guardian's preview of their forthcoming campaign. That said, I do love paper's writing.

Some have talked of the "Big Four" turning quickly into the "Big Two." With the spending power that rests with Manchester United and Chelsea, there's a point there. But I do think that it's awfully quick to write off both Liverpool and Arsenal as also rans.

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Ian Smith said...

What the Guardian fails to realize is that -
1. Liverpool shook the 'spice boys' label a few years ago when they signed Crouch because no amount of preening could make that man beautiful. (I suppose that having a great touch for a big man could be misconstrued by some women)
2. Liverpool has a bar in it called the Grafton. It is a wonderful place where nobody goes home alone. (unless your sober and still have some standards)
It's the equivalent our European adventures. Not always what you heart desires but it gets you through the stretch when there is nothing else to play for.
3. I would rather be close and out of it by March than never in it in the first place.