Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy wow, man ...

OK, I've just about caught my breath after that Gerrard goal. Good lord, Liverpool can't keep that up. Gotta start playing better.

Life is interrupting the football obsession a bit early this week, and there's not much time to get much into it. Liege on Wednesday – gotta get it figured out for that one.

More soon ...

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Ian Smith said...

I would have to say it was a better performance from Liverpool this week than it was against Standard and Sunderland. We are however a long, long way from where we should be! Middlesbrough had not won at Anfield since 1974 a record that looked in serious jeopardy and the minutes ticked away and the rustles of discontent became more audible from an expectant sellout crowd.
Goals from Carragher , Stevie G and 5 minutes of added time provided Liverpool with all 3 points leaving Southgate head in his otherwise empty hands like so many away team managers in the past.
For 70 minutes Liverpool where in control without really threatening in a game where clear cut chances were at a premium. When a team fails to turn its possession into goals the opposition invariably grows in confidence. Cue Mido, a player who has bags of ability, but all the drive and purpose of an asthmatic three toed sloth in a race. And just like that Liverpool found themselves behind.
Liverpool where lethargic at best and once again the importance of a wide man was there for all to see.
Chasing the game you would expect the pressure to be on Turnbull the inexperienced young man entrusted in safe keeping the Middlesbourgh net. However he had to make only one save until Carraghers shot deflected by him rather fortuitously. At one-all, Liverpool finally burst into life, and with 3minutes of regulation time remaining Liverpool suddenly realized that this game mattered! The reds went for broke throwing players forward with reckless abandon (a better team mayhave exploited this approach)and ultimately found their reward when the ball dropped kindly to 'Captain fantastic' on the edge of the box. A collective sigh of relief echoed through the ground as three more points were hijacked.
Liverpool can play a lot better and I have no doubts that they will, but for now the gind-em-out victories will do just fine.