Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 1 ... Hmmm, let's give this a go, yeah? (Colin's picks)

Let's sharpen the ol' pencil, take a look at the ledger and put some picks out there, shall we? I feel like I'm already subconsciously regulating my sleeping patterns in anticipation of a 6:15 a.m. arrival at the football pub. May as well shove some picks in my pocket in advance of the celebration that is opening  day (hey, if we didn't spring for the mud wrestlers, the least we can do is make some picks, yeah?).

Arsenal v. West Brom: 3-0
Bolton v. Stoke City: 1-1
Everton v. Blackburn: 1-2
Hull City v. Fulham: 2-1 (sorry Peter Wilt, tough to open at a newly promoted side, especially one with Dean Windass)
Middlesbrough v. Tottenham: 1-3
West Ham v. Wigan: 0-1
Sunderland v. Liverpool: 0-1
Chelsea v. Portsmouth: 2-0
Aston Villa v. Manchester City: 2-0
Manchester United v. Newcastle: 2-0

Consider the throat cleared. The limbering up exercises have begun. Sometime around midday, we'll get the voice warmed up to welcome everyone back down to our little corner of the world, The Highbury football pub.


Ian Smith said...

Arsenal v. West Brom: 3-0
(Insert premature title talk after convincing win)

Bolton v. Stoke City: 3-2
(Who cares right! both to be relegated in
the end - expect fireworks)

Everton v. Blackburn: 1-0
(Blackburn were only a top half team due to Friedel - will struggle)

Hull City v. Fulham: 1-2
(Fulham to win but it wont be easy... to watch)

Middlesbrough v. Tottenham: 1-2
(side bet - more Spurs fans at the game than Brough fans)

West Ham v. Wigan: 0-0
(first stalemate of the season as neither team have any firepower of aspiration)

Sunderland v. Liverpool: 0-2
(Tough game expect Liverpool to bounce back and Keane to open his account)

Chelsea v. Portsmouth: 3-0
(Pick of opening weekend -Chelsea just too strong expect James to make 20 saves)

Aston Villa v. Manchester City: 2-0
(City are a mess right now - What are the odds Barry scores and kisses his badge??)

Manchester United v. Newcastle: 2-0
(No Rooney, No Ronaldo, No Nani Newcastle still No chance

Ian Smith said...

Jim 4 correct results 0 correct scores

Ian 5 correct results 0 correct scores

Colin 6 correct results 2 correct scores

Round one goes to you frenchy