Monday, December 8, 2008

A 2008 treat

A rare quick back-to-back post from me tonight. Since one of the main thrusts of Match Pricks is to check in on the yo-yoing emotions of a Liverpool supporter and an Arsenal supporter (while touching on the rest of the football as well, Lord Maradona, I'm looking in your direction), I felt, with citations for fellow Gooner Jamie who found the link, that this was worth sharing.

What a tie this was in the Champions League! Of course, I'm unhappy with the result, but wow was this a cracker or what!? Some incredible goals, particularly from Torres. An incredible run from Walcott, a dodgy penalty and some impassioned commentary. Spend two and a half minutes with it. I love how our commentators here are poking and prodding each other, much in the same way as we'll line each other up on December 21st for our big Match Pricks derby. I. Can't. Wait.



Carl said...

This will be the defining moment of the first year of Match Pricks. Let us see how much hype we can generate up until the fateful day that could be what defines a league winner.

Jim said...

I remember watching this at Ian's house and going to the bathroom right after Walcott's run. I thought it was over. By the time my piss was finished, Babel had earned the penalty. We jumped into each other so hard when Gerrard put it in that Ian's shoulder blasted my jaw. Hurt like a mother, but so what?

And you can dodgy pen all you want, but it was legitimate. Babel did not flop. He was clipped. End of discussion. The penalty in the first leg is immaterial – has nothing to do with what happened with Babel in the box.

Oh man, Match Pricks derby on the 21st. Gonna be so, so great.