Thursday, December 18, 2008

For free people everywhere: Fire up for Sunday's Match Pricks derby with some Purple Rain

The summer of "Doin' it for Eduardo" might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't all sway together as one to some Purple Rain. If you're in the Milwaukee area and are riding out this hellacious snowstorm, hunker down, crank up your speakers and enjoy. If you're elsewhere in the world, like many Match Pricks readers, listen in with the link below. Whether Eduardo plays or not (and it's not likely), we'll have our collective good times to celebrate come Sunday.

YouTube and Prince have some kind of agreement where his stuff isn't allowed on the site, so instead, please enjoy this "alternate take" on our favorite, Purple Rain. It's some guy doing it as a guitar instrumental and it is, in a word, fucking awesome:

UPDATE: Liverpool v. Real Madrid in the Champions League round of 16; Arsenal v. Roma. I'm happy as a Liverpool fan with that draw. I'm sure Colin isn't disappointed as an Arsenal supporter with where the Gunners ended up. But the real peach of the deal is United and Inter, isn't it? Also, Chelsea v. Juve. I mean, c'mon. Those are the gems.
OK, now watch the video again. You'll love it even more the second (or third) time.


Colin said...

I can't think of a song that better sums up what it feels like to understand and appreciate the football.

Colin said...

This is just magic, dogg. Right around the 4:15 mark it just takes off. Magic.

If I had a gallery showing of paintings that tried to encapsulate the existential and transient nature of the football, I'd have a room filled with blank canvasses of varying size.

If I needed to provide a score for the beautiful game. It's Purple Rain, dogg.

Jim said...

I'm up early and on the attack this morning. There's a good chance I'm going to listen to this 3 or 4 times in a row right now.

It's remarkable what the guy does here. Such perfect music for watching this blizzard blow by outside the window.

MulderBurns said...

Thanks for that Purple Rain vid. Outstanding.

I know he probably won't play, but man, I'd love to see Arsenal up 2-0 and have him come on for the final 10 or so. There would be many damp eyes around the Emirates and worldwide.

Massive sports weekend for me, with this match Sunday and my beloved Xavier Musketeers against Duke on Saturday.

Enjoy the day at The Highbury - wish I could be there.

Carl said...

I need to do something about my need to check this site like 20 times a day. I mean I post and then I wait to see what other people post so I can post to it. This song has made a summer come together beyond all possible belief. The video is great, but Colin get the version of you singing "Purple Rain" to show the love inside of you for the Arsenal. All 10 of us loyal readers would love you even more than Fergie loves his vacations to the south of France.
Again I am still looking foward to the day Free people every where celebrate the beautiful game played by to sides with true grit and masterful skill. This day is like when the Berlin Wall came down. Years from now we will ask ourselves we were we on the day of the very first Match Pricks derby and all ways know deep in our hearts we were with comrades. Back in to the breach once more my friends for today we live and make history.

Carl said...

It doesn't matter if you are with us in person or if we are linked through via electron through the Magic of Satellite television. We will all feel this unless you support Fergie's agents of hell, then i hope you get a kick in the crotch form an angry Samuel L. Jackson. He hates Fergie and his ilk more than he hates hell and all Montagues. If you watch the wonderfully bad movie Formula 51 you will realize his love of Liverpool. So there you have it my rants seem to have run out so I leave you great people with this. All of us hate Man Utd.