Monday, December 29, 2008

Apparently, Gerrard wears plain, white undershirts

There's an image for you, right? The English papers have Gerrard released from custody (Telegraph) and being charged with assault and affray (Guardian). I had to look up affray, which basically is public fighting that rises, according to one legal dictionary I consulted, "to the terror of the people."

Well then.

There's two other men (allegedly) involved and up on charges, so Gerrard isn't the only one on the hook in this Phil Collins-fueled fracas. I have to say, this is all being treated quite seriously for what sounds to me like a bunch of drunken rolling around. Sure, a DJ got his face busted up and tooth knocked out, but fer cryin' out loud, man, the boy was applauded off the pitch at Newcastle only a few hours previous. Show some respect when Captain Fantastic wants to hear Groovy Kind of Love.

Anyway, whatever. I can't help but find a lot of really dark humor in all this, but I don't have kids and am not worried about role models, the "proper" way to lead one's life, whathaveyou. Gerrard got smashed and punched up a DJ. I've seen worse – from my Mom.


Jim said...

Brilliant observation here from the Guardian's blog on the Gerrard arrest. Repeated here because I can't help but ride the coattails of this guy:

30 Dec 08, 12:31am
What did Gerrard do anyway? Grab the guy by the scruff of the neck?

stephen said...

Can anyone get a verification on whether or not this was a V-neck? Because Stevie MBE really strikes me as a V-neck kinda guy.

Jim said...

Hey, I remember you! Good work.

Gerrard doesn't seem like he'd be comfortable in the crew-neck cut, but you often see him sporting one under the shirt on match day. I just think he'd prefer the V-neck for a night out in Southport, a few beers, maybe some Phil Collins from the DJ. The V-neck allows for more relaxation and freedom when out with one's boys.