Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Match Pricks ... Owwww!!! ... derby, dogg

The pain from that 2-2 draw with Hull on Saturday had some amazing after effects, gang, as I've just concluded the most ludicrous, painful 72-hour period of my life. But I'm back on the attack for Match Pricks derby week, abscessed tooth and all.

Yep, that's right, friends. I have a wicked bad abscessed tooth, and it's going to be coming out against its wishes next Tuesday. (SIDEBAR: Always go to the dentist, kids. Don't be like Uncle Jim) On Sunday at the bar, you're going to look at me and think, "Jim, there's something wrong with your face." You're damn right there is, and if you think I might want to talk about it, I'm going to lay all the facts I've learned through Web MD and Google about abscessed tooth problems. You'll find yourself wishing for a FC Twente v. Osasuna UEFA Cup replay on GOL TV to distract you from my babbling.

But now that the dentist has eased my fears, it's time to get back into derby week. This is going to be outstanding. I haven't checked any updates, but I know Eduardo played 45 minutes for Arsenal reserves last night. I will hold out hope for a spontaneous version of "Purple Rain" in the bar should he come on as a substitute this Sunday:

Also, on my end of things, there's no news (at least today) about Torres coming back to play Sunday, even as a substitute. That's not necessarily good news, as you'd think a possible appearance by the most popular Premier League player in the world might draw an online article or three. I'm also worried about Keane not getting a chance, as Kuyt leading the line Sunday would be a sure path to no more than one goal scored for Liverpool and an afternoon that probably ends in heartache.

But that's for the weekend. Have you seen that poll over to the right about who might win on Sunday? If you're not voting "Free people everywhere," I'm not sure you're totally in sync with what's going on here, dogg. This is the Match Pricks derby, one of two times every year where we get to come together in our collective coolness and stand unaffected by the jibes and jibber-jabber of the United people. And, also Jorginho.

OK, fire up, kids. Time to rock.

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Carl said...

You know what Jim, I may have voted for the Arsenal, but I should have voted for the free people everywhere because this is the first leg of the Epic Match Pricks derby! I mean the only thing cooler than this was the Cold War of Booze. I myself am bricking in my pants because seriously this match can make or break Arsenals chances to be a winner or a Big Four member. If Eduardo does come on I will let Colin sing because I only know the chorus to "Purple Rain"( SIDEBAR: the best version I have heard of this song was sung by Colin whilst veeeerrrrrrryyyy drunk at the end of a amazing party at the Highbury Pub. You can find the link on the Wiscojazz website under 10.03.08 lukewarm file.) I will also sing the Best Footie Song Ever! with the Liverpool Supports because they have class and I can get down with that. So Doggs don't be square and lets have a blast.