Monday, December 15, 2008

The First Match Pricks Derby

I'm just gonna cut to the chase.

Match Pricks is a blog written by two people who support two different teams. The teams are, for the moment, relatively similar in their overall standing. With several notable exceptions (yes, yes, five stars and a gazillion league titles, I know). We're both passionate about our teams, and we're both passionate about football in general - all the odds and ends that make up the game that makes the world go round.

From day one, we've looked forward to the first match between our two sides during the life of Match Pricks and it's finally here. We're in Match Pricks Derby Week, folks!

Each of the traditional big four drew at the weekend so there was no movement, save for onrushing Aston Villa, who won again to hurtle themselves into contention. But this Sunday brings us Liverpool, in a tenuous position at the top of the table, versus Arsenal, struggling to maintain their spot in fifth and looking primed for a further plummet. 

Let the hype begin. For those of you that join us in person for the matches, we can't wait for the derby. Support for these two sides has always been divided down the middle in our little hamlet, and it's led to a level of respect (or so I like to hope). Not sure how our other readers out there feel about it, but let's hear you. The Liverpool and Arsenal match always has a special place in our hearts. This time, a win either way could produce a big swing.


Carl said...

This is going to be a hellacious battle this week for the Arsenal after such a disappointment against 'Boro. I hope Nasri will be back because Song ain't shit! Diaby is great out of the box but we need a Ron Jeremy type box destroyer. A clinical finisher that puts Peter North to shame. The back four have a task at hand that many of the better sides have failed to hold back. The Director may bring shame to the house of Wenger. Why didn't we make a serious offer? I am looking foward to this with a queasy stomach because this could end any title hope we Gooners may have. Damn, Damn, Damn I wish Eduardo was ready. If they could replace Rosicky's peanut brittle leg with a chocolate one maybe he could get a match in before the second coming of Christ. Then there is DJ falls down, tackles his own players, generally looks like a load of dried guano and makes plays about that creative Eboue. At the beginning of the campaign it looked like he had changed his lackluster ways and could be a shining star. Well if that star was made of fetid
donkey balls maybe. He gives me the fits, or as Jim would say, "He really grinds my gears."
I just hope this match does not make me call in sick to work, but if it does it could be worth it.

Dan said...

I was explaining the football factions at the pub like this-

Theres the United "supporters," who are even hated by their own mothers.

There's that one annoying Chelsea fan.

And there's Liverpool and Arsenal supporters, who tend to have a mutual respect and enjoy the beautiful game and copious amounts of alcohol at obscenely early hours.

Looking forward to it gents.

Jim said...

I can't believe the leader in the poll is NOT "Free people everywhere."

It's such a no-brainer.