Monday, December 29, 2008

'You shink yur better 'an me?' WHAM! POW! BANG!

So this happened last night with Captain Fantastic. Hmmm ... let's rush to judgment, shall we?

Well, it wouldn't be a rush to judgment unless I quickly scanned Wikipedia and a few pages returned from a Google search for "section 20 assault." That being said, it appears Gerrard is under arrest for suspicion of taking part in a common assault. Now over here, this sort of thing gets you a disorderly conduct ticket, a fine, and maybe a little bit of community service if it's particularly egregious. I don't think this is that big a deal.

And continuing my rush to judgment, all we know is there's six guys in the pokey right now, answering questions, one of them is Gerrard, and the victim is a 34-year-old DJ who has experienced some facial injuries. Sure it looks bad for Gerrard right now. The star of the weekend in England, the captain of Liverpool who was applauded off the pitch by the Geordies at St. James Park, is under arrest on suspicion of taking part in an assault.

BUT ...

... let's get right down to it. What does this mean for Liverpool's title chances? Honestly, I don't think it means anything, although as a fan I would prefer to see Liverpool's captain not end up in jail every Monday morning. Hey, it's a rush to judgment, right?

Carra needs to get down there, bail the dummy out, smack him on the back of the head and tell him he gets the weekend off against PNE in the Cup. Get your head straight, Stevie. The team needs to get three points at Stoke on Jan. 10.

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