Friday, November 14, 2008

Amped for tomorrow's match

I haven't been this excited for a match in a while. Perhaps all season. Not to be a broken record, but I've often discussed how being a football supporter is a grueling affair. A win, three points, comes off as more of a relief than anything else. When your team is, however, beginning to find its form ... then it's pure adrenaline.

Arsenal are bouncing right now, and if I'm one of the players, I'm dying to get out there and on the pitch. Nasri must be oozing with confidence. Diaby is looking, at 22, like he's becoming ever more important to the cause and he's finally found his fitness - fingers crossed. At the back, Clichy and Sagna continue to set the pace. So much so that Domenech, the man who is somehow still in charge of the French national side, is pegging the Arsenal Frenchies to lead his team. (Do really need an international friendly next week? Thought not.)

Two men I'm looking for in particular on Saturday against Aston Villa at the Emirates are Cesc Fabregas and Niko Bendtner. Cesc has been fantastic in the last couple of matches. His vision and pass to open up Samir Nasri for Arsenal's second against United last week was sublime. It's still amazing to me how young he is, and given that age, the level of composure he puts on display. Think of the parallel of Robin van Persie (the Rickie Weeks of North London as Jim once said) versus Cesc. How many times has RVP lost his cool and lashed out? Meanwhile, Cesc is getting quite the collection of players that he has slotted into his pocket. What I'd like to see from Cesc is a couple of those drivers on net from last year. A goal is a goal, they're great. But from Cesc right now, I'd like to see him turn that ball on net. Regardless of whether or not it makes it in.

Another is Bendtner. Here's a youngster who does have a lot of room to grow. He's brimming with confidence, shows remarkable skill in the air and every now and again has that important knack for good timing. At the moment, though, he's not getting the ball in the back of the net. With Nasri, Theo, Clichy and Sagna tearing up the wings as much as they're capable of, it's a big opportunity for Niko - especialy with RVP and Adebayor out (if the big man is indeed kept on the sidelines as we'd expect). So let's see some of that work rate to find the ball in the middle after it comes flying in from the wing.

Big one tomorrow morning. Get out there and watch it. Arsenal v. Aston Villa from the Emirates. Villa like to play football and this promises to be an action-packed match.

Bolton v. Liverpool start the morning off. Unless Rieira, Gerrard and Torres are able to work the routine they've been trotting out, I expect this one to be awfully dour. Hopefully Kevin Davies and Nolan will be striken down with overriding sadness and despair at the economy, deem the cause hopeless and stay home. Then we may have more of a match.


Carl said...

I agree with you for the most part. While Bendtner is good sometimes he fades out when we need him most to show up. I really want to see Vela get some first team time and see what he can do in the prem. Truly after last weekend and a miraculous three points it was just a bit bittersweet because how do you we beat a world class team and lose to the likes of Fulham, Stoke, and Hull? The game is maddening like David Bowie in Labyrinth. It gives you everything you want up until a point when you want to tear your hair out then calls you back so sweetly leading up to another hair tearing then sweetness and tearing on and on. Like the addict I will be found at the pub watching matches barring work times, even if i miss a match i find myself speeding home from work to check scores on the internets.
I hope to be as jubilant this week as last because we do need these points to stay relevant to a title chase in the EPL.

Carl said...

Again the pain of loving the most beautiful team comes to us with a very disappointing loss to Villa. Bendtner looked like he could give 2 turds about what was happening. He is causing me to lose sleep. I mean again the team that beats those scum from the north loses to Villa? unbelievable complete bollocks Gallas is a useless old tire that needs to be replaced. I miss Gilberto. Why we let the Rock go i will never understand because right now we need his leadership and resolve to pull this team together. Instead we have "capi' he ain't my "Capi".

MulderBurns said...

That was a sad display on Saturday. The league is gone - we're now in the '2nd table' - the battle for 4th with Villa and Everton. Hull's there for now as well, but I still think they will fade. Villa and Everton are in for the long haul, though.

It was pathetic watching Gallas and Silvestre try to run with Agbonlahor. Every time he broke free, if it wasn't Clichy running with him, I thought it was going to be a goal. Typically we had someone covering, but no chance on the last one.

Fab looks exhausted. I thought Bendtner showed potential last year, and still thinks he has a place as a substitute when we need size in the game, but he is utterly useless as a starting striker. He just has no touch on the ball whatsoever.

I'd like to see more Vela and more Djourou. The league is gone - it's all about finishing 4th, and playing well in the Cup matches.