Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forgive me Father for I have sinned: The incredible story of The Church of Maradona

The latest must-read on Maradona comes courtesy the Guardian’s foray into the baptism ritual for La Iglesia Maradoniana, or The Church of Maradona. I had to backtrack a couple times to make sure it wasn't a hoax, but I'm certain this is a serious exploration of an honest-to-Maradona real church. It just celebrated its 10th anniversary. You must take the time to read the article.

Some highlights:

• The baptism ceremony involves the applicant recreating the Hand of God goal.
• The church recently ushered in the year 48 AD (After Diego).
• Maradona's well-documented love affair with cocaine proves he is a god because a mere mortal would not have been able to survive the experience.

There's much, much more that is well worth your time to check out.

It is at this point I feel I should point out that in my introductory Spanish course in high school, the instructor gave me the name Diego for use in class. I must travel to Argentina, and I must be baptized in the name of the savior.


Colin said...

I want that picture on my tombstone.

Colin said...

This article may have just changed my life.

All who listen to me know well of my devotion to Zidane. I quite think of Zizou as sharing the same level as Maradona. Reading this. Listening to these sentiments. Understanding how these feeling rest with followers of Diego.

I understand.

And these words, these feelings, help bring football, as it ever was, to a higher level. These words, these feelings help bring football to the level it deserves.

That of art. That of sanctity. That of transendance. That of worship.

(was that over the top enough for you?)

Carl said...

Does this baptism also include snorting lines? If so I want in. I guess you'd have to follow up with time in a Cuban rehab clinic which means Ol' Fidel beating you with a rubber hose and sreaming no mas whilst spraying you with ice cold Cuba Libres. Cigar burns and and Communist parties. Zidane has way more class so I will follow him.