Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick thoughts on Marseille

It is Thanksgiving Day here in America, so this will be brief:

• Gerrard's goal looked almost like it came from an impossible angle. There was a surprising amount of speed on the ball off his head, and initially, the corner passed a closer man (Torres? Would have to see a replay) and I thought the chance was lost. Really thought it'd be an easy night out after Gerrard scored.

• Marseille were fantastic in the second half. Normally I'd attribute winning despite being poor to Liverpool's toughness and resolve, but Marseille deserved at least a point. That's a discouraging reflection upon Liverpool's form on the eve of December and all the fixture craziness that month entails.

• Ben Afra, Valbuena, Diang ... all of them superb for Marseille. Ligue 1 has an awful repuation, and perhaps this was a one-off moment for them, but Marseille played a pleasing brand of football on Wednesday. I only wish I could have enjoyed that performance while watching it against someone in Europe other than Liverpool.

• Torres supposedly complained of a tight hamstring and might miss Monday's match against West Ham. I quote "Caddyshack" in my frustration when I say: Rat farts!

More during the weekend ...

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