Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fodder during the international break!

Did you hear about this? It was a veritable jackpot of headlines.

First, the other day Terry Butcher called out Lord Maradona, saying he'd never forgive him for the "Hand of God" goal (more true now than ever). Now, Diego himself has blessed us with his saccharine voice to claim that he couldn't be fussed with such matters. He goes on to explain that it's unfair to judge him when ... ready for it? ... England won the 1966 World Cup with a goal that didn't cross the line. Do not cross this man. He's the religious icon equivalent of a boomerang. Whatever that means. I'm sticking with it though. 

Next up ... Didier Drogba has been handed a three-match ban for tossing a coin into the crowd against Burnley. All class that Drogba. Look, no one's debating his ultimate class as a player, but in the end he'll be remembered the same way I look at noted poon-hound Ronaldo. Classless. A diver, a cheat, a whiner, and an embarrassment.  No more than he deserves, this suspension. And he'll be out for the match against the Arsenal. Which, in the end, might not be all that fantastic given the almost certainty of facing old boy Nico Anelka. And he certainly enjoys scoring against the Arsenal. 

The cream of the crop ... a little Jintao-defreude, dear readers! 

It's only a matter of time. All empires crumble when they fly too close to the sun. Watch those wings Fergie, they melt in a hurry.  His eminence was hit with a two-match touchline ban

A little hubris goes a long way. Love. it.

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Carl said...

I hate the interlull nothing cool happens during friendlies except my amazing players picking up unnecessary knocks. Okay so this whole Maradona thing is great because when that old goat open his pie hole nothing but pure golden deliciousness is going to come out. Drogba is a tool and he showed by winging a coin in the crowd. Ronaldo poon hound? Only if by poon you mean mangina of the brazillian tranny type.No I am not talking about Georgina. Jintao deserves another kick in the jibblets some one make it happen.