Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keeps getting better in Diegotown


Now religious leader and former Argentina legend, Diego Maradona, says he may quite if he doesn't get his way in the naming of his assistant. A report in The Guardian says that AFA President Grondona dislikes Diego's number one choice, former teammate Oscar Ruggeri.

Here's the meat on this one...

"I don't like his face," said Grondona as he forced his way through a crowd of reporters to his car. "It's a personal thing."

These are powerful men in powerful positions that rule the governance of their national football associations who are saying these things. How brilliant. And hopefully it'll only get better.

Big weekend up ahead, check back for advance news.


Carl said...

Truly this is the international version of a whole stage covered in Mourinho clones. I mean wow who could have predicted this much fun and there hasn't even been a major tournament yet to see what really crazy statements come out of that camp.

Jim said...

Carl, there hasn't even been a match yet! Think about that. It's incredible. Nov. 19 away to Scotland. Argentina might explode with Maradona on the touch line.