Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Cescy

I couldn't bring myself to say anything on this over the weekend. I sent an email to my esteemed co-author on Friday morning, after Gallas had really turned the screws to the Arsenal and even more comments came to light. It said, in short, that the manager needs to strip his captaincy, drop him from the team and sell him Rennes. We're most of the way there, and after this morning, there's a higher level of pride in the team than there was even three days ago. Not that anyone's love of the Club would be questioned, but in times of crisis and hand-wringing, you wonder who will grab the wheel to right the ship. When there are so many glaring problems, who will be there when it's most needed?

Arsenal are not in smooth waters yet, in fact they are still in quite a bit of trouble. The most trouble since I grew into the Club. We still have our toes on the edge and there's much work that needs doing. But finally, we've at least realized that we save ourselves instead of merely hurling ourselves over the edge.

As that wise man once said, that line - the edge - is always pushed further. Most push and stretch to reach it, and most straighten up and pull back when it begins to come into focus, before we go crashing over. And for those that have? Well, we don't quite know what's on the other side do we? And a club at Arsenal's level doesn't have the convenience of seeing how sturdy that ground is.

So, welcome to the captaincy Cesc Fabregas. We've been waiting for you.


MulderBurns said...

Well said. This has obviously been a long time coming. I hope the problems aren't so bad and so deep that they can't turn this around. Obviously a trip to the Bridge is not the best way to start a league turnaround.

First things first, let's get a freaking win in the Champions League and take care of advancing to the knockout stage - that MUST happen.

I never understood Gallas as the captain, but I know I'm not alone there. Go get 'em, Cesc - make it so.

Carl said...

This is awesome the win today is hopefully the turn around we need. I love Cesc