Monday, November 17, 2008

Two supporters, two tales

You know, when we first started chewing on the idea of Match Pricks, one of the really interesting things that we thought we'd be able to offer was the assortment of yo-yo emotions that supporters of two different teams, in two different situations would face over the long term.

So that said, while Liverpool continue to set the pace, getting the results they need, when they need them, I'm sitting here singing the same song every week. Talk about a yo-yo ... we roll against United and just look like we're ready to turn corner when we lay another egg against Aston Villa. The performance has been well accounted in many places by now. No need to do it again. I was buried over the weekend trying to avoid the truth, trying to pretend it didn't happen, know what I mean? 

I said it on Friday, didn't I, that the next game is important after a big win. It's the next game when you again have to recapture your spirit. It's the next game when a quick start is vital. It's the next game that just happens to be played at home again. It's the next game, captain, where you need to exert your influence and spark those youngsters that you take the field with.

Same song, new week. Arsenal's flaws are so glaring to all who watch them. And now, the heat will only get greater on the manager. His decision not to buy over the course of the last couple of transfer windows is hurting the team. Nasri is in and that we've all but ignored his "six month window to adjust" is testament to his class, but we need more. Desperately. 

I mean, I even spent time talking the other morning at halftime as we caught the traditional breath of fresh air outside at halftime with noted Match Pricks commenter Carl that ol' Senderos would be a welcome return at the middle of our struggling defense. 


Granted he's a man that I've been backing for sometime to improve ... but he's still always lacking in quality. Yet, there I was, calling for his prompt return while personally lining up a run at a greasy breakfast we call the Cardiac Attack to, well let's be honest, to make myself feel better about things.

As I always say .... As the Arsenal go, I go. So, bring on the weekend please, and an exciting match against City. Oh wait, that's right, we've no one to get stuck in on high-flying Robinho, and we've no one to muscle Benjani. Gulp.

Keown's sniffing around, maybe he fancies a trot out?


Carl said...

Right now Senderos would be the heavy handed mook that would be the collector of debt. We need him back from loan because honestly as bad as he is, at the moment he looks a whole lot better than Gallas the old tire. Why Flamini was allowed to leave I will never know but it shows how much his class made our side what it was. Now we have Nasri and as good as he is where are the teeth that could support his dazzling rampages? Oh yeah A.C Milan those burgled turds. I hope we can pony up the scratch, thanks for the term Colin, for a scrappy defensive mid to help our ailing back four. Taking the Captain's band away from Gallas whose leadership is appalling at best. I agree with making Cesc the cap or Almunia because they have been in the side for some time. They also show the willingness to take responsibility for the team not sit down and pout. Maybe that is what we need a new leader not just more players but true leadership. But hey Senderos to take care of the aerial threat would be good.

Jamie said...

i think big phil is injured in milan - a lengthy one, too... he is a scape goat in this instance, i feel. sidwell said on sunday that teams feel they can get points from arsenal... be it home or away. he would have still said that even if we had senderos in there, or available. teams dont play united thinking they can get points... united dont go to teams feeling they wont get points. a tall strong big bummed defensive midfielder in the mould of petit (he's blonde, he's quick, his name's a porno flick) is what's required down at the grove... i feel.

Jerod said...

While clearing out my DVR I watched a some Arsenal matches I had on there from last season. In those matches I saw Flamini all over the pitch, fighting for every ball near him, flying down the middle setting up a relaxed and focused Fabregas who in turn would set up his teammates. Much of the time the team goes the way of Fabregas. Fab4 had such a great season last year because he knew his buddy Flamini had his back. This year he is not playing with that level of trust. He is playing guarded. Also I think our forwards are still adjusting to the offense working more from the sides now through Nasri and Theo rather than the middle. Cesc better find someone to trust or Wenger needs to bring in someone during the January window that Fab can work with.
A note about the captain's armband. I notice a stark difference between Willy and say, John "slip slidin' away" Terry. JT is al ways talking to his guys, directing them, coaching them on the pitch. When a goal is scored he is one of the first guys over to congratulate the scorer. He always appears to have his teammate's backs. I don't see that from Gallas. It's time to hand over the arm band. How about Toure or Clichy?

Jim said...

My thoughts on Arsenal captain: Clichy.

He's incredible. I say screw it that he's young. So what? Isn't the whole point that Arsenal is going young? Wouldn't a young captain be a reinforcement of the belief in the youngsters?

Anyway, if not Clichy, then I say give it to Eduardo. Talk about inspirational!!!