Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let's hear it for the Kuyt

You hate to get blasé about things at this point because it's been such a fun run toward winter here – and it's brought a recently unfamiliar amount of success. However, the win at Bolton – Rob Styles' questionable call against Bolton notwithstanding – was a comfortable afternoon and the type that's needed to continue clicking the points meter higher. It could have been, or perhaps should have been, something like 4-0, 5-0 or 5-1. These things need to become normal for this title challenge to continue. It's odd to view level with Chelsea on points at the top of the table as "normal," but this is the way it is now until they can get into the next big test with the Christmas fixture crunch.

The bigger thing I take away from Saturday's match was the continued excellent form of Dirk Kuyt. Other than perhaps Alonso, I don't believe there is any greater candidate for player of the season to this point at Anfield. The post-rattler in the first half was not an isolated incident in the league. He's come close numerous times, but he's still finishing more than a decent amount. The header back across goal for the first score was surgical – and exactly the type of touch and finishing display Kuyt's lacked in his Liverpool career.

Something has just clicked with the man, and it started with his shift out to the right last year when Rafa settled on the 4-2-3-1 that has given the side a more consistent league form. Before, Kuyt was just a hard worker who couldn't finish. Now, Kuyt's work ethic, somehow, appears even stronger. He is absolutely relentless and is even smarter in his choices. The opposition's left flank all season has had to match his energy level or wilt and fail. Throw in the goals, and he's indispensible to the side.

No Torres and they beat United and Chelsea. No Gerrard, and they beat United. Without Kuyt, though, I think clicking off these routine victories that keep the pace with Chelsea at the top would become exceedingly difficult.

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Carl said...

I wish Arsenal had as hard working and mercurial player on the team right now. Watching them was about as fun as watching the scum from manchester win the double last year. THen to listen to those braying donkeys, like having Sarah Palin tell me about birth control, something I can't handle well. Complete bollocks. I hope anyone can knock the taste out of their mouths because it does not seem Arsenal can right now. You dear sweet boys from Liverpool I am begging for you to help me get over Jintao and watch his red face have a stroke and talk out of half of his face like Dick Clark. God they piss me off. To say it again Kuyt is a shiny happy person right now running rampant on the right better than any Ronaldo no matter what lame 80's song you sing about him. I also guess that my request for more intelligent songs fell on tone-deaf ears cause all of the old chestnuts they sing came out. Since when is Arsenal a scouse team? Get a map and find a clue chotch bags.
No Love,