Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Liverpool roundup Or: How Jim didn't see a minute of the Fulham match because of a boozing road trip but still feels like saying something about stuff

Bullet points as we give thanks here in the States for our quality of life and Jim says thank you for the excellent start to the 2008-09 season:

• Spent Saturday in Madison for the annual Boys Badgers Weekend. It was the second time this event has coincided with Liverpool v. Fulham. A few years back, the Cottagers took all three points in a 2-0 victory, and, of course, Saturday can be viewed as a real missed opportunity to get back up on top of the table by thier lonesome selves. Note to self: Never again agree to schedule Boys Badgers Weekend for the same weekend as the Fulham fixture.

• All sorts of European goodness tonight with Rafa syncing up with Shankly and Paisley on European appearances and victories (provided they defeat Marseille at Anfield this evening). Obviously, the changes to the European Cup/Champions League in recent years have Liverpool simply playing more matches in the tournament as a matter of course. Still, it is a nice moment, and any excuse I can get to link to this incredible, goose-flesh inducing video is always a plus.

• On a fiscal note that relates to me personally, the other day I checked the conversion rates, and the Pound had dropped to something like $1.47 versus the Dollar. This is excellent news for poor schlubs like myself, as that hacked off nearly $40 from the price of a long-sleeve, Mascherano home kit direct from the Liverpool team store. That's huge. Next up, figuring out that plane ticket for the Anfield visit I shamefully have not yet made.

• More after the match. Happy Holidays. C'mon Liverpool!

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