Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maradona madness continues

They're not taking any prisoners down there in Argentina. Maradona, perhaps understandably, has taken on as the hammer of authority his 1986 national team coach Carlos Bilardo as a manager with the 2008 version of Argentina. Bilardo is more than ready to lay down the law, Argentina-style, in the pursuit of success and glory for Maradona and the nation. From Friday’s Independent:

“... Bilardo, 69, said he wanted the media to criticise the team, hoping for a repeat of 1986 when his squad arrived in Mexico under a hail of criticism and went on to win the World Cup. ‘They have to hit [criticise] us more, when people start hitting you have to defend yourselves and that makes us tougher,’ said Bilardo, who warned his family not to expect him home early. "The national team comes first and it comes before my family," said Bilardo with a deadpan expression. "My wife isn't going to complain, she knows me."

The added emphasis is mine. OK, let's say it again because it never gets old, how incredibly fucking awesome is this Maradona-in-charge-of-Argentina stuff going to be? I'll you how awesome: mind-meltingly so, dogg.


Carl said...

Maradona make me want to piss razor blades.
I hope they fail and he dies of a coke overdose

Carl said...

or napalm he would make the pope want to skin a puppy alive

Jim said...

Carl, you're on drugs. Maradona is awesome. Nike or Adidas should hire him for a commercial where he just does the hand-of-god action to complete every day tasks like pass the remote control to his wife or close a cupboard or something.

Maradona: "Mascherano plus 10." Greatest quote in years.